All Girl Crush Fitness classes are compiled of functional training, strength training, cardio, resistance, HIIT, and plyometric exercises. Our classes pack a punch in just 30 or 45 minutes!

MONDAY: CRUSH30: 5:15am/6:00am/8:30am/12:15pm/4:30pm/5:15pm/6:00pm

TUESDAY: 45 minute TabHOTTA: 5:15am/6:05am/9:30am/4:45pm/5:45pm

WEDNESDAY: CRUSH30: 5:15am/6:00am/8:30am/12:15pm/4:30pm/5:15pm/6:00pm

THURSDAY: CRUSH45: 5:15am/6:05am/9:30am/4:45pm/5:45pm

FRIDAY: CRUSH30: 5:15am/6:00am/8:30am/12:15pm/4:45pm

SATURDAY: CRUSH45: 8:00am/9:00am

SUNDAY: Each week alternates between KettleBooty: 8:30am/9:15am OR CRUSH30: 8:30am / Girl Power: 9:15